Police Action Centre: Taser roll-out did not follow Home Office guidance

Sophie Khan, Lawyer and Director of Legal & Policy of the Police Action Centre says that the Taser Working Group was able to highlight key issues of concern in the

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What We Do

The Police Action Centre helps you to challenge the police and other state bodies to redress your grievances.


We provide a confidential and independent advice service on legal rights to members of the public, protesters and prisoners, if they wish to pursue an action against the police or other state body.

Some of our advice is free of charge.

If you need to contact us, please go to the Contact Page which has our full details. We can provide advice via email and in some occasions arrange meetings by appointment. We have limited availability to provide advice over the phone.

We also provide a specialist information and advice service to prisoners and protestors and aim to set up a network of International Police Action Lawyers (IPAL) across the world. The network will share and discuss issues on police brutality and injustice towards prisoners and protestors so that we can all work together to find ways to support and challenge the authorities. If you are interested in linking up with PAC then please do contact us.

Advice Clinics

We can organise advice clinics in the evenings and weekends. The purpose of the clinics is to provide informal advice to those who wish to seek further information about the police complaints procedure or a potential civil claim against the police or other state body.